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To guarantee maximum efficiency and quality, the production plant is equipped with modern systems including vertical and horizontal presses, as well as a modern customized management system.

Gomsil continues to invest in the purchase of innovative solutions for the production of rubber, silicone and viton articles.

The company has an equipped laboratory, where quality control of incoming raw materials and finished products is carried out in order to guarantee and satisfy the requirements of the customers.

Gomsil is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and works only with rubber and silicon compounds certified according to the EN 14241-1:2013 standard.

For the subsequent processing of the manufactured products, the company has equipped various areas:

– post curing- where additional vulcanization of the articles is carried out in 2 industrial ovens

– cryogenic treatment – equipped with 3 machines for the treatment of articles with nitrogen to smooth out any imperfections

– surface treatment – traditional coating of the articles with talc or silicone, in order to reduce friction and facilitate assembly, according to the different type of application.

The hazardous chemicals according to the REACH regulation are under constant monitoring and control. The company manages to maintain high standards and meet environmental protection requirements.

A technological renewal project is currently underway through the automation of the machine park and the development of the IT infrastructure in sync with Industry 4.0. This leads to an increase in the company’s production capacity, improvement of working conditions and to greater environmental compatibility of the production.